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Creative Industry


The Creative industry is at the heart of the Social Media, and this year we are brining it to the Summit.
This track includes; Brand Engagement, Media Production, Digital PR, Graphics and Motion among other interesting topics.

Social media know-how


This track is the learning curve of Social Media, and the Know-how stage, where the best and most favorite social media campaigns and brands present their story to the public with the stats and numbers they gained online and how they did it!

Digital Technology


The topnotch experts in the tech fields come together here for a back to the future track that includes; Bots, Augmented Reality, IoT, VR latest technologies and more.
This is the future of Social Media as they see.

Business innovation


Social Media and Business are two sides of the same coin, nowadays you can’t manage your business without using the latest social media technologies to increase your sales and build a brand personality.
Through this track we are tackling the latest of E-Commerce, Fintech, Entrepreneurship and New
Business trends in relation to Social Media.

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